Sampling Techniques

A good reading assignment on Sampling Techniques


There are many different methods through which sampling can be done. Simple Random Sampling is considered to be the ideal sampling method for research, however, paucity of time and money creates the need to opt for other diverse means of sampling.

Probability Methods:

 This is a group of methods to be used for sampling as it further opens the opportunities for the most powerful statistical analysis.

The different probability methods are:

  •  Simple Random Sampling:  It suits and works best when the whole population is available.
  • Stratified Sampling: This kind of sampling works best in a situation when there are specific sub groups to be investigated and the researcher takes up random sampling within the group.
  • Systematic Sampling: This kind of method is workable when a stream of representative people is available.
  • Cluster Sampling: It is largely workable when the population groups are separated and the access…

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